Iran Roundtrip

12  Days Roundtrip



Certainly, Iran is one of the most exotic culturally and historically countries in which there is no mass tourism.
To prove this, we invite you to a tour of Iran.
The route covers about 3000 km, numerous monuments of the ancient Persia, from the desert to the canyons.


Day 1
We meet at the airport in Tehran, pick up the cars and check in at the hotel.


Day 2
In the morning after breakfast, we set out for Qom, the holy city of Shi'ites and the purpose of their pilgrimages. Next we go to Kashan to see, among others, traditional baths and a Koranic school.


Day 3 and 4
On the way to Esfahan we visit Abyaneh - one of the oldest villages in Iran, built on a slope where all buildings are covered with red clay.
In Esfahan we will spend two days in intensive city sightseeing, tasting traditional cuisine.
For those willing, it is also possible to watch the traditional sport inscribed on the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO - Pahlevani-Zoorkhaneh.


Day 5
We follow the road to the south.
The first stop is Varzaneh - a city in the desert and the desert itself.
Maybood - a city founded in times before the dominance of Islam, as evidenced by its architecture. Here we will see, among others: the oldest fortress in Iran, Narin Galeh, "ice palace" and dove tower.
We will finish the day in Yazd.


Day 6
Today we are waiting a long way to Shiraz and a late-evening tour of the impressive temple of Shah-e Cheragh.


Day 7
Just 60km from Shiraz is Persepolis - the ancient capital of the Asmidian empire.


Day 8
A full-day trip to the Raghaz Canyon, where for the willing and courageous we have prepared the challenge of canyon exploration with the assurance of professionals. *
In the evening, return to Shiraz.
People who do not want or do not feel up to strength can stay in Shiraz to explore the city on their own.


Day 9
We head north-east through the Khazineh canyon, bridges over the Karun river and phenomenal waterfalls.
In the evening we are checking in for a night in Shushtar.


Day 10
Further exploring the picturesque areas where only a few tourists arrive, we will admire the wildness of the Iranian wilderness.
We spend the night in Hamedan

Day 11
Today we will take you to the cave Ali-Sadr, the third largest cave in the world. There is a lake and several canals in the cave, so we will see beautifully lit rock formations from hired boats. *


Day 12
We will devote the last day of our trip to Tehran.


* program point depends on weather conditions


Our price for 2 people in a car / double room:


The price includes:
- Renting a car
- 11 nights in hotels or hostels in a double room with breakfast
- fees for entries to visited attractions
- the care of a local guide

The price does not include:
- plane ticket
- visa costs
- tourist insurance
- additional meals
- personal expenses
- fuel for the car


* The tour can take place when booking a minimum of 3 vehicles
** rooms other than 2 persons - on request, after prior arrangement

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